Gas Outdoor Heating

Gas Outdoor Heating

Shop Gas Outdoor heating range available at Outdoor Elegance. Please Note: Some Outdoor Heating products are only available online or through our Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle & Central Coast Showrooms. Not all models on display in all showrooms.

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9 Results

Gas Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Gas Heaters

Staying warm with gas outdoor heaters 

If your outdoor space provides you with a breathtaking experience – you don’t want to miss the clear-starred evenings and beautiful surroundings and feelings of early evenings. Gas outdoor heating pieces keep you cosy as you enjoy your dinner with a bottle of wine, or just relaxing outside in the garden during the evening. 

Outdoor Elegance brings you a collection of natural gas outdoor heater pieces to select from. Whether you are looking for a heater to use for your poolside BBQ, to mount on the wall around the patio or a piece to place on the table as you tell nice stories to your siblings, we got you covered. Outdoor Elegance offers you trendy, elegant outdoor gas heaters to make your evenings even more comfortable.

Select our range of outdoor gas heaters at Outdoor Elegance 

We offer you different types and models of outside gas heaters to choose from. Need something portable or you want a stylish outdoor gas heater? Order online or visit a store near you. We have stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Central Coast, Canberra, and Sunshine Coast. Call ahead to check availability. 

Whether you need a piece that warms up small spaces or the surrounding area, we offer a collection of gas heaters for your day-to-day evening outdoor experiences.


Many of our customers who visit Outdoor Elegance are looking for heating solutions to fill a large outdoor space with powerful coverage. If you’re working with a big backyard, we recommend opting for outdoor gas heaters to spread toasty warmth to all corners of your yard effectively. Whether you like to entertain in the garden regularly or you’re throwing a one-off mega-party, we stock high-quality outdoor gas heaters to suit your needs.

Not only will our range of outside gas heaters give you powerful coverage — but we also stock a variety of designs, sizes and gas types for our customers to choose from, so you’ll be able to match your needs perfectly. Firstly you’ll want to consider whether you’d like to mount your gas heater permanently or if you’d like a mobile appliance that can be safely moved from spot to spot. At Outdoor Elegance, you’ll be able to find an option to fit your aesthetic and desired functionality. Next, you’ll want to decide if you’d prefer a natural gas outdoor heater — a great choice for those customers wanting a more environmentally friendly device that is cost and energy-efficient.

When using outside gas heaters, it’s important to adhere to a list of best practices to ensure safety for you and your home. Always use your outdoor gas heaters in open, well-ventilated areas and avoid placing them near obstructions like awnings and combustible materials. We recommend storing your gas heater outside and regularly checking panels and dials before turning them on to ensure everything is in working order. To avoid accidents, it’s a good idea to keep children away from gas heaters and always have an adult present when in use.

Visit us at Outdoor Elegance to browse our collection of outdoor gas heaters to bring warmth to your backyard. Discover our variety of gas, electric, ethanol heaters and fire pits from one of our seven conveniently located showrooms across the country. Stop by our Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Canberra, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast retail outlets. If you’d like to shop from the comfort of your own home, head to our online store and enjoy delivery throughout Australia.

If you have any questions, make sure that you check out our FAQs. Additionally, feel free to reach out to a member of our friendly team who would be to assist with your inquiry.

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