Hi, I'm Joe and welcome to Outdoor Elegance. I have over 20 years experience in the outdoor industry and have specialised in outdoor furniture for much of that. For 15 years my business partner Sean and I owned the Boots Great Outdoors chain and we designed, imported and distributed outdoor goods to franchise stores all over Australia.

After retiring from Boots and a short break I just couldn't stay away so decided to embrace my passion for outdoor furniture and start Outdoor Elegance, a truly specialist outdoor furniture store. We opened on Sydney's Northern beaches at Terrey Hills in 2008 and have since added a distribution centre in Seven Hills to our Sydney operations.

In the last couple of years two more Outdoor Elegance stores have arrived. My old partner and industry stalwart Sean has opened our Erina store on the NSW Central Coast and we have just welcomed the experienced Jason Sands to bring Outdoor Elegance to Melbourne in Braeside. 



So what makes us different?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer furniture packages at market prices but do it with far better furniture. We achieve this by utilising a supply network we have spent over twenty years developing and importing goods directly from around the world. On many products we will incorporate many extra layers of quality to ensure our product is as good as it can be. It may be thicker gauge aluminium, extra reinforcing or using the best UV stabilisers in resin wicker. You can't always see it but rest assured, if anything we love to over-engineer our product.

And it's not just our quality that sets us apart, we have market leading designs and colours. Using some of the world's best materials combined with innovative designs and colours picked up from all over the globe we are truly bringing the best of the world to your backyards.  

Drop me an email at [email protected] Ask me anything or let me know what you thought of your Outdoor Elegance experience. We are determined to make it a five star experience and we do often get that feedback, so I'd love to hear your story.

Joe Collins
Managing Director, Outdoor Elegance