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Outdoor Cushions

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  1. Outdoor Sunbrella Barbados Cushion -50x50 Outdoor Sunbrella Barbados Cushion -50x50

    This product features Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric.

  2. Outdoor Sunbrella Barbados Bolster Cushion -68 x 40

    This product features Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric.

  3. Outdoor Sunbrella  Waikiki Cushion -50x50 Outdoor Sunbrella  Waikiki Cushion -50x50

    This product features Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric.

  4. Lunar Smoke 60cm Outdoor Cushions 2 Pack Lunar Smoke 60cm Outdoor Cushions 2 Pack
    Lunar Smoke 60cm Outdoor Cushions 2 Pack
    Special Price $179.00 Regular Price $199.90
  5. Outdoor Sunbrella Mosaic Cushion - 50 x 50 Outdoor Sunbrella Mosaic Cushion - 50 x 50
    Sold Out

    This product features Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric.

37 Results

Outdoor Cushions

Your lifestyle should flow uninterrupted between the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. This is particularly important during the summer months, when you want to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

At Outdoor Elegance, we provide everything you need to transform your backyard into a relaxing and attractive living space. Our range of outdoor cushions enables you to provide the all-important finishing touches, offering style and comfort and making the outdoors an even more pleasant place to spend time.

Outdoor lounge cushions to suit your needs

Our outdoor cushions are the perfect complement to your outdoor lounge design. Robustly made to withstand all Australian weather conditions, our cushions are great for outdoor use. We only sell products that are made from the highest-quality materials and built to last long into the future.

In addition, our cushions are designed for comfort. While the fabrics are strong and weather-resistant, they are also soft, enabling you to relax completely and enjoy spending time outdoors, by yourself or with friends.

With a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, it is easy to find outdoor cushions here to suit your personal tastes. From trendy palm leaf designs to classic stripes and chic neutral shades, there is something here for every backyard. And if your outdoor living area is not yet complete, you can also check out our excellent range of outdoor chairs to increase the versatility of your space.

Buy outdoor chair cushions in-store

You can explore our selection of outdoor cushions at any of our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast. You are always welcome, and our experienced team is here to answer all your questions. 

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What type of outdoor cushions does Outdoor Elegance stock?+

At Outdoor Elegance, we stock one of the largest selections of outdoor cushions in Australia. From outdoor lounge and bench cushions to outdoor seat cushions for chairs and dining sets and decorative pillows for daybeds, we have it all. Find your favourite model and style today on our website and take your outdoor furniture to new heights of comfort and aesthetic.

Why choose Outdoor Elegance for outdoor cushions in Australia?+

If you are after gorgeous outdoor cushions for sale in Australia that are made of quality fabrics and will stand the test of time (and weather), then there is no better place to shop than Outdoor Elegance. Our whole business is dedicated to garden and patio furniture, and we know a thing or two about sourcing the best products for the Australian outdoors. Sourced locally and internationally directly from the manufacturer, our outdoor cushions are not only beautiful and durable but also competitively priced.

Can outdoor cushions get wet?+

While outdoor cushions are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. That means that the amount of rain they can handle without risking lasting damage is limited. Early morning dew might leave you with a wet pillow at breakfast, but a thorough soaking in the rain can cause mildew or mould to develop. If your outdoor cushions get very wet, the best way to care for them is by drying them out as soon as possible.

How do I store outdoor cushions?+

To ensure that your outdoor chair cushion or lounge padding lasts as long as possible, we strongly recommend covering them when not in use or placing them under shelter. For extra peace of mind, you could apply a moisture-protection spray such as those you can find in our outdoor accessories range.