What is Sunbrella?

We are passionate about building quality furniture and that starts with raw material selection. When it comes to outdoor fabrics they don't get any better than Sunbrella. Here's why.

Sunbrella is from a specialist outdoor fabric manufacturer who have been producing high performance outdoor material for over 50 years.

One of the greatest features of the Sunbrella product is the UV resistance and colourfastness. This comes from a sophisticated manufacturing method that locks in the colour.

Even before the fabric or even the yarn used to weave into that fabric exists the colour is embedded. UV resistant pigments are mixed with the raw material that is developed into a fiber. This fiber is then worked into a yarn ready for weaving.

The colouring is therefore part of the base fiber, not simply a dye applied to a finished fabric. It is essentially part of the fabric's DNA. This makes it highly resistant to fading, colourfast and perfectly consistent.

In practical terms this gives you a product that will hold its colour looking great for years. When it comes to cleaning it means that you can easily spot clean to maintain the look and avoid having to remove covers for a deep clean.

The embedded colour is so the reason you can even use a bleach mixture when cleaning the finished product  without impacting on the colour.

For more on cleaning see the stain chart from Sunbrella