Caring for your aluminium furniture

The care and maintenance of all materials used in outdoor furniture is essential to combat the detrimental effects of the elements and this includes powder coated surfaces. Although powder coating will provide excellent longevity you only have to look at a car to know that over time the finish can show some effects of wear such as corrosion, chalking and erosion.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is the best way to apply colour and protection to  a metal surface. The metal is coated with a dry powder and baked to produce a uniformly coloured,  hardened surface. This provides resistance against marking and scratching, a consistent colour and easy to clean surface. 

powder coated

While powder coating on aluminium and stainless steel means you have a relatively low maintenance material some care will be required to maintain it's protective properties and combat the detrimental effects that the sun, rain, dust, leaves, salt air etc can bring. These are the measures we recommend;

1. Avoid harsh chemicals- Powder coated finishes are much more resistant to things like rust, corrosion, peeling and fading. However, that resistance does not mean its fine to use chemical cleaners and solvents to clean the surface. Harsh cleaners and solvents like acetone can actually damage powder coating.

2. Regular cleaning - Regularly washing your powder coated furniture with warm water and mild detergent using a non-abrasive brush or sponge. Thoroughly rinse with copious amounts of clean water immediately after cleaning process and wipe dry with soft cloth. 

3. Protective treatment - Apply a light coating of high-grade non-abrasive car wax. Use a brand that contains UV blocker or UV inhibitors. Do not use compound-type wax for this purpose as it contains abrasives that can harm the powder coating. Be sure to wipe of any excess wax that remains on the surface as this can cause staining..