Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heaters

Bring the warmth of a comfortable indoor environment outdoors with our quality outdoor heating units. Outdoor Elegance is proud to offer a full range of outdoor heating solutions as part of our premier outdoor living collection.

These units are suitable for commercial and residential applications and bring electric radiant heat safely to your patio space with state-of-the-art features like timers, adjustable heat control, remote control, and innovative wave design to regulate and maximise heat output. We bring attractive, effective outdoor heating solutions in a range of sizes and prices to meet your outdoor heating needs. Enjoy comfortable radiant warmth outdoors with no flammable glowing element. Adjustable wall and ceiling brackets allow for ideal placement and fit of these heaters in just about any outdoor living space. Heaters do not have moving parts, which allows for maintenance-free operation and years of effective, reliable use. Trust Outdoor Elegance for all your outdoor heating needs.

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