Cocoon Fires Ethanol Aeris Fireplace

Stainless Steel - Standard Mount
Please Note: This item is a PRE ORDER. 6-8 Weeks once order placed or contact The Melbourne OE store to enquire what models and colours are currently in stock.

Please Note: This item is a PRE ORDER. 6-8 Weeks once order placed or contact The Melbourne OE store to enquire what models and colours are currently in stock.

The Cocoon Fireplaces use bioethanol and safe for the environment. The Cocoon fireplace range are designer fireplaces that are made easy to install, and work equally as an art peice for indoors and outdoors. The contemporary design is perfect for creating a unique space that will be sylish for any interior or exterior. The Cocoon Fireplace range produces no smoke and the biofuel used is created from plants. 

Fuel: Bioethanol 

Please Note: Cocoon Heating Range is only available online or from our Melbourne Showroom.  Pick up only available from our Melbourne showroom. 

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This product includes

1 x Cocoon Fires Ethanol Aeris Fireplace - Stainless 

1 x Standard STAINLESS Roof Mount

( This includes Mounting bracket at 2.5cm (1” in) high, Hanging Pole at 142cm (56” in) high and Cocoon at 38cm (15” in) high. ) 

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Pre Order

Cocoon Fires Bioethanol Aeris Fireplace - Stainless 

  • Modern and contemporary, a unique peice that doubles between a fireplace and an art peice which lives and moves.

  • Efficent installation, Installation of the fireplace can be on an angled or straight roof, in any place around an indoor or outdoor area as long as theres a roof for the fireplace to mount from with the mounting brackets.

  • No smoke and enviromentally safe, bioethanol fuel produces no smoke or toxic fumes unlike regular fireplaces, this allows for safe long term fireplace use. 


Brand: Cocoon

Colour: Stainless with Standard STAINLESS Pole 

Fuel: Bioethanol

Dimensions: L 600 W 380 H 1825mm 

Materials: Carbon steel with high heat resistant Stainless finish 

Application: Outdoors and Indoors

Combustion Chamber Capacity:  1.5 liters (Burns Up to 5 hours)



Main body:
• Diameter 60cm (23.7” in)
• Height 38cm (15” in)

Adjustable Hanging System:
• Mounting Plate:
• Diameter 19cm (7.5”in)
• Height 2.5cm (1”in)

Adjustable Hanging Pole:
• 6 height positions
• Full extension 142cm (56” in),
• Height Positions :
• 98.5cm (38.8“ in) – minimum extension,
• 134.5cm (53” in)
• 125.5cm (49.4” in),
• 116.5cm (45.8” in),
• 107.5cm (42.3” in),
• 182.5cm (72” in) – full extension.



Please Note: 

Any accessories displayed are not included in price 

Cocoon Heating Range is only available online or from our Melbourne Showroom.  Pick up only available from our Melbourne showroom. 
The Colour is Stainless with STANDARD Stainless Pole 



WHAT TYPE OF FUEL IS USED? The fuel used in the fireplace is denatured ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol or grain alcohol. It is a biofuel which can be derived from plants including corn, wheat, barley, and sugarcane. Please refer to our instruction manual for the correct name of fuel in your country. Denatured Ethanol is a renewable resource when it’s burning there are no harmful emissions, so it’s very safe for the environment and the people who are using it.


HOW DO THE COCOON FIRES MODELS WORK? Ethanol is poured into the combustion chamber and then placed inside of the fireplace. A starter is used to turn on the fireplace. You can then regulate or turn off the burner by a sliding mechanism. Initially, the flame will have a blue color, and will gradually change into an attractive orange/yellow flame compared to a wood fire flame.



HOW LONG DOES THE FIREPLACE BURN FOR? The duration of the flame depends on the climate conditions and the height of the flame. This duration is reduced in an area with more air current. 1.5 liters can last for up to 6 hours.


HOW MUCH CO2 IS PRODUCED BY THE FIREPLACE? The CO2 produced by the fireplace is compared to the one of a candle.


DO THEY PROVIDE HEAT? Yes, the Cocoon Fires designs have heat capture which enables the Cocoon to deliver beautiful ambient heat. The units produce approximately 3.6 kw which is the equivalent to a small to medium gas or electric heater. HOW TO INSTALL? The COCOON FIRES models are very easy to install. The units come complete and ready for installation.


DO THE COCOON FIRES MODELS REQUIRE A FLUE? No, the COCOON FIRES do not require a flue. However, if the unvented decorative appliance is used in a small room where less than 200 cubic feet (5.7 m3) of air space is provided for each 1000 Btu per hour of unvented decorative appliance rating (considering the maximum burner adjustment), the door(s) to adjacent room(s) should be kept open or a window to the outside should be opened at least 1 in (25.4 mm) to guard against potential buildup of indoor air pollution. Do not use the unvented decorative appliance in a bathroom, a room where sleeping accommodation is provided or any other small room.



Extension poles for high ceilings ( additonal purchase to be made please contatc melb store)
• 50 cm (20” in)
• 100cm (40” in)

Mounting brackets for pitched or angled roofs angled (additional purchase to be made, please conatct Melb Store )

Additional Mounting Plates are available so your Cocoon Aeris can be hung in various locations throughout your home.


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