Why does your outdoor lounge cost more than your indoor lounge?

I am often asked about the price difference between an indoor lounge and our outdoor lounges. Take our Mateus range for instance, a reasonable size setting may be priced quite a bit higher than a similarly sized indoor lounge. For very good reason, there is a lot more than first meets the eye when it comes to outdoor furniture. Here are four reasons why you might pay more for your outdoor lounge.

  1. The framing is very different. An indoor lounge can be knocked together with cheap pine and staples. It doesn’t have to be weatherproof and given they tend to stay put the weight is also not an issue. Our frames are all thick gauge, non-rust aluminium, a more expensive raw material. They are then welded, the joins worked to a smooth finish and the whole frame is powder coated, an electrostatic painting method that delivers a tougher finish than conventional paint. In fact some high end indoor lounges use steel frames to produce a better product. Steel, which is heavy and rusts when used in outdoor furniture is used only to make to make a cheaper product.
  2. The synthetic resin wicker is in itself an expensive material when it is properly composed of the appropriate amount of UV stabilisers needed for it to perform in an all-weather environment. As ours does.
  3. Our fabric of choice, Sunbrella, is also a very technical product again designed to perform in the outdoors. Developed by world leading experts in outdoor fabric technology that have over 30 years’ experience, Sunbrella is mildew and fade resistant and backed by a 5 year warranty. If you put your indoor lounge in the sun it might fade within weeks.
  4. The product is hand made. Not just the welded frame and the multi-layer cushioning but all the wicker is hand woven. There is around a weeks’ worth of weaving in a typical lounge setting making up a large part of the cost.

So yes, if you want a lounge to perform it will comparatively cost a bit more than one designed for indoor use. And it’s worth it.