What is synthetic wicker?

A great leap forward in outdoor furniture has come on the back of the development of synthetic wicker. This is a resin material extruded in strands that replicates the natural bamboo and rattan wicker that many know. While there are other base materials available the only option suitable for outdoor furniture is PE or polyethylene. Not only is this the eco friendly option but is the best performing when suitably treated. How is it made? PE pellets are melted down and fed into an extrusion machine. The better brands will use recyclable material and also add UV stabilisers. The UV treatment is not found in all wicker around the world but it is an essential element for the Australian environment. Of course the amount and quality of this treatment can vary widely which accounts for some of the wide ranging pricing on these furniture pieces. To be safe, look for a wicker using a maximum amount of stabilising agents. As technology in this area developed so has the design. Colour mixtures and a variety of textures, sizes and profiles have meant that we can offer a huge range of beautiful wicker furniture pieces. We produce daybeds, dining chairs and tables, sun lounges and of course a huge range of outdoor lounges.