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  • Newcastle Warehouse Clearance Sale

    Our huge Two Million dollar warehouse clearance is coming to Newcastle this weekend. Outdoor dining settings, outdoor lounges, daybeds, umbrellas and more..




    Pop in store and save on our huge range of quality outdoor furniture settings.

    Exclusive styles in outdoor dining, outdoor lounges, daybeds, sunloungers and outdoor umbrellas at prices to clear.


    Teak, wicker, stone, aluminium and more on display!


     Find us at 4 Abdon Close, Bennetts Green

  • Erina Two Million Dollar warehouse clearance sale


    Don't miss our biggest sale event of the year with a huge variety of specials across a range outdoor furniture categories. Stock direct from the importer reduced to clear plus super deals from some of Australia's best outdoor furniture brands.


    Please note that many of the great specials are ‘one-offs’ and they will go quickly so come down early for your best chance at a super bargain.

    Outdoor Elegance Erina, 201 The Entrance rd


    See you there!

  • Christmas decorating for your outdoor setting

    When decorating for Christmas, many people remember to decorate the house, the yard and the Christmas tree but what about the dining room table? You want your dinner guests to be transformed into the holiday season mood immediately upon entering your outdoor room.


    Decorating the table for the Christmas dinner is a great way to make the day even more memorable. I will admit that white and silver are my favourites but you can create a festive setting in any colour, modern or traditional. The trick is to layer it up, always over do it and use special effects such as table confetti, glitter or snow flakes! Here are 3 different looks you can try. Enjoy !


    Red, Green & Gold. Overdo it with Tree shaped napkins. Candy canes. Baubles. Wrapped presents. White Tablecloth. Fairy lights. Wreaths.




    Natural look

    Indulge in textures. Paint dipped pinecones. Hessian runners. Rattan placemats. Branches from the garden hanging with foliage. Nuts.



    White with Blue

    Layer it up with Candles. Lace. Snow flakes. White tablecloth. White tree centrepiece. White tinsel & lights. Reindeer.




    Have a great Christmas everyone!



  • Marseille teak collection

    The key to building great outdoor furniture pieces is not just about the functionality and the look but also about choosing quality materials. Materials that will perform in the Australian outdoors for years on end. With the Royalle Outdoors Marseille collection we bring together premium materials and design excellence to deliver the very best in outdoor timber furniture.


    When it comes to outdoor dining settings Australian's love the timber look but the choice of timber is extremely important if you want furniture to last in our environment. This is why we specialise in teak, a timber that's been a prized building material all over the world and in particular the harsh environments of South East Asia.

    Teak has a very dense grain and a naturally high oil content which is great for water repellency. It is virtually immune to rotting which is why it has been used for centuries as a premium building material. This teak is recycled meaning each piece has it's own unique character that has now been given another life as a gorgeous outdoor table


    Teak treatment and care

    We offer the Marseille collection with the teak in a raw form which is a natural golden colour. This way our customers can choose how they would like it look. Teak can be left to naturally weather in which case it will go a silvery grey colour. This is perfectly fine if that is the look you are after.

    Regardless of the look you are after we advise to use a protective coating to help guard against rain and spills.  We recommend the use "Golden Care" water based products.

    Teak Protector by Golden Care

    This is a terrific product and certainly the most popular option selected by most of our customers. It is quick and easy to apply. Teak Protector will give your table a protetive barrier while maintaining the golden colour. When applied it will darken slightly. Golden Care recommend applying once a year.

    Teak Shield by Golden Care

    Teak shield will provide a protective barrier while allowing your timber to age and achieve the silvery grey look. This has a longer application and drying time and will need to be re-applied more regularly.


    Stainless Steel

    The other feature material in the Marseilles Outdoor Teak timber collection is of course the stainless steel frame which as well as looking stunning with the teak offers tremendous structural longevity making it ideal for quality outdoor furniture.

    Stainless steel is a generic term given to a mix of metals that are combined to form one alloy. There are many different types but what is common to all is that they include a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and like the recycled teak that it is used within the Marseilles tables, it is includes recycled material. Together with the fact that the material requires no extra chemical coating for protection means this is a very eco-friendly furniture piece.

    It is the Chromium that is the secret ingredient in stainless steel.  When the steel reacts with oxygen an invisible protective film, is created. This prevents oxygen reaching the steel surface thereby protecting the structure from corrosion.

    Of the many different grades of stainless steel, we provide two options with the Marseille collection.

    304 Stainless Steel

    304 stainless steel is the most common form of stainless steel and is sometimes referred to as industrial grade stainless steel. It withstands corrosion from most oxidising acids and is widely used for outdoor furniture, architectural, kitchen, and food  appliances . However it is susceptible to corrosion in high saline environments. Consumers in coastal areas should consider using the higher grade 316 .

    316 Stainless Steel

    316 stainless steel has all the mechanical and physical properties of 304 stainless steel however it contains 2-3% molybdenum which substantially increases its corrosion resistance particularly in a high saline environment and also against other chlorides and industrial solvents .

    Some discolouration in the form of brown spotting can occur on the surface of any stainless steel and the chances of this are increased within 5km of the surf. Again upgrading to 316 will give you extra protection from this. The spotting which is purely cosmetic is also known as tea staining and it has no impact on the structural integrity or longevity of the steel.

    Tea staining can be cleaned off to restore the steel to its original state but with regular washing down it can be prevented. Not allowing salt spray to sit on the surface for extended periods is the key near the coast.

    For Outdoor furniture applications stainless steel is an ideal corrosion resistant material that will withstand long term exposure to the environment.

    Please note that the most suitable stainless steel option for the local environment is generally stocked at each of our showrooms. The alternative option may be available through our network but may need to be shipped from interstate.

    Marseilles teak outdoor dining tables

    The Marseilles 220 - 340cm extension table

    Using the best extension mechanism we have seen in outdoor dining tables this one can go from 220cm with seating for 6-8 to 340cm with seating for 10-12. This table is 100cm wide. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel.

    Find out more about this table at our online store here 

    The Marseilles 170 - 280cm teak extension table

    Following on from the popularity of the large extension table we are introducing a smaller model for the 2016-17 season. This table will go from 170cm long to 280cm fully extended. This table is 90cm wide. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless steel.

    Find out more about this table at our online store here 


    The Marseilles 225cm x 100cm teak dining table

    Perfect for 6-8 seats at a comfortable 225cm long. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless steel.

    Find out more about this table at our online store here 

    The Marseilles 150cm x 70cm teak dining table

    The ideal setting for a smaller courtyard or balcony. Seats 4-6. Available in 304 or 316 Stainless steel.

    This table looks great with the matching teak benches

    The Marseilles 150cm x 75cm teak bar table

    Shown here with the Pacific bar chair, the Marseille teak bar table really shows off the Stainless Steel.

    The Marseilles teak console table

    Another great accessory piece is this console table. Featuring two levels of teak table it is great for a bit of storage, showing of some decorative pieces or perfect as a servery.

    The Marseille 60cm x 60cm teak side table

    A great option to get the most from your collection is to take two of your chairs and use as a three piece setting when you don't require them at the dining table.


    The Marseille collection is backed by a five year warranty provided a regular maintanence program is upheld.

    Selecting a chair

    These are our most popular dining chair options to pair with the Marseille tables


    Completing your collection with an outdoor teak lounge

    Coming soon for 2016-17 we are introducing outdoor teak lounge options to compliment the Marseille dining and accessory table range. Stay tuned to our Outdoor Timber Lounge category for updates. Here is a preview of what is coming;


    Follow us on Facebook for updates on how others are using Outdoor Elegance to enhance their backyards,


  • Newcastle Grand Opening Celebrations

    Come on down to Bennetts Green to help us celebrate the grand opening of our brand new outdoor furniture showroom


    Pop in store and save on our huge range of quality outdoor furniture settings.

    Exclusive styles in outdoor dining, outdoor lounges, daybeds, sunloungers and outdoor umbrellas


    Teak, wicker, stone, aluminium and more on display!


     Find us at 4 Abdon Close, Bennetts Green

  • Timeless teak

    Teak is one of the world’s best timbers for construction. It is indelibly strong, durable, weatherproof and has outstanding resistance to decay and rot. So it is perfect for outdoor furniture.

    Find out more about our teak dining range by clicking through our our ebook below;

    You can download this ebook here

    Visit your local showroom to inspect our range or browse our online store..





  • Add a burst of colour to your backyard

    Introducing the Sunbrella ottoman collection, an exciting set of new outdoor accessory pieces that will liven up any outdoor lounge setting.


    Shop this range in our online store here

    The great outdoor performance properties of Sunbrella have allowed us to build more and more products that were once only the domain of the lounge room.

    Untitled design (57)

    Shop this range in our online store here



    These pieces have some great features;

    • Sunbrella high performance outdoor fabric is super easy to clean and is highly mould and fade resistant. To find out more about Sunbrella check out our blog here

    • Fully welded aluminium frame makes these pieces lightweight yet strong and they won't rust.

    • Top and sides are padded for a comfy seat and soft edges

    • Reinforcing aluminium mesh allows for the padding to breathe while providing a strong seat area

    • Textaline base seals the bottom while preventing moisture build up

    • Moulded feet with a brushed aluminium wrap to keep your piece up off the ground


    Check out more details on the range below or shop online here



  • E-books

    Read more about our collections


  • Some of our favourite deliveries from 2015

    The team at Outdoor Elegance would like to thank all our wonderful customers for their support over the past year and wish you all the best for 2016.

    Here are a few of our favourite deliveries from 2015

  • The Maldives modular collection

    Update: New colourway introduced for the Maldives collection. Read on for more details..


    Outdoor modular lounges are enjoying extraordinary popularity at the moment as we look to bring the comforts of the lounge room into the great outdoors.  There are many options available these days in a variety of colours, sizes and most importantly quality. It is not always easy to tell the difference so we have put together this guide on what makes our premium Maldives collection so special.

    Untitled design (51)


    1. The Sunbrella fabric

    So what is Sunbrella? You can read about it in more detail here but essentially it is a high performance textile that is highly resistant to UV, mildew and stains. In practical terms it means it won't fade if left in direct sunlight and it is super easy to clean. Many times a wet cloth will do but if you get a significant stain on it like a red wine spill you can clean it with a bleach mix. Yes bleach. That is because the colour is not dyed onto blank fabric as with so many others but the thread itself is coloured to the core.

    Outdoor lounge buying tip: If your lounge is going to be in any direct sunlight be sure to go for a light coloured cushion if it is not made with Sunbrella. That way the fading, which may well occur very quickly especially on some low grade polyesters will not be as obvious.  

    2. Removable cushion covers you won't need to remove

    Sure these cushion covers are removable but the beauty of the Sunbrella fabric is you can easily and effectively clean the cushion covers while they are still on. For instance bird droppings can easily be removed with just a little soapy water and a brush and in many case just a wet cloth will do the job.  However. should you want to remove them the cushions are sealed with a YKK zip for easy access.

    3. Solaris grade 5 premium wicker

    The material used to make the synthetic strands that are turned into a wicker lounge can look very similar and in a photo almost identical. In reality though they can be vastly different. In the Maldives, Royalle Outdoors use Solaris grade 5 wicker that has the maximum amount of UV stabilisation added to the synthetic mix. On top of that, this premium range has a an extra curved profile making it even stronger than a regular flat wicker. Read more about wicker here

    Outdoor lounge buying tip: - If you are checking a wicker product out in store try sticking your fingers through the weave. You can soon feel the difference. Quality synthetic wickers won't easily part, this is a simple test to show if the quality is good.



    4. Aluminium fully welded and powdercoated frames

    Underneath all that wicker is a frame, an essential element to the structure of the piece. There are a few points to note here. Firstly the fact that it is aluminium means that it will not rust and therefore degrade the structure which could potentially stain your surface. It also means it is lightweight making the pieces fairly mobile allowing for easy cleaning or changing around your seating design. Secondly, the fact the framing is welded means the integrity of the lounge will be maintained after years of use. A steel bolt-together frame would of course be cheaper but will not provide the benefits of welded aluminium.

    Buying tip: Check with the outlet that the lounge is not "KD". This is industry speak for knock- down. It is a very efficient way of shipping and therefore cheaper but it means there are parts that have to be bolted together. Quality outdoor wicker furniture pieces will generally not be KD.

    Explore our most popular Maldives modular combinations in our online store here

    5. Superlux 12cm triple layer cushions

    We have researched a variety of cushion constructions over the years and in the Maldives setting we see a beautiful balance between comfort and longevity. It is necessary to use a somewhat firm foam to ensure that it doesn't collapse in time. Our high quality medium density foam does indeed provide comfort and support but to further enhance that plush feeling this foam is sandwiched between soft layers of fibrefill. The result is a super comfy pillowtop cushion that will hold its form.

    Quality cushions are not only essential in maintaining the comfort of the lounge but also  the look of the lounge. Inferior cushions will flatten out and lose the filled-out look quite quickly.

     Explore our most popular Maldives modular combinations in our online store here

    6. Textaline base

    Sunbrella is a highly water resistant fabric but if the cushions are left in the rain, moisture will eventually penetrate the fabric which is completely normal. To ensure that any water does drain out as quickly as possible every base cushion is finished with a layer of textaline on the underside. This is an all weather PVC mesh that allows water to freely drain through it and also helps the cushions to breath. Drying time is also accelerated so you can enjoy your lounge sooner after it has been wet.

    7. Coloured tempered safety glass on the tables

    Not only do the matching coloured glass tops on the accessory tables look great but they are also a much better performance option. Many tables will have a fully woven wicker top with clear glass sitting over it. The problem with this is that the clear glass works as a magnifier making the sun that much more damaging to the wicker sitting underneath it.

    Outdoor table buying tip: Always look for tinted or coloured glass if your setting will be exposed direct sunlight.

    Untitled design (31)


    8. Five year warranty at no extra cost

    Sunbrella back up their fabric with a 5 year warranty and Royalle have matched that on the frame and Solaris wicker. That's FIVE years on the fabric, FIVE years on the frame and FIVE years on the wicker. That's actually three years more than what others call an "extended warranty" and even charge more for it. Five years at no extra cost.

    9. Modular versatility

    These modular outdoor lounges are a great option when it comes to tailoring an outdoor lounge setting to your space. With a variety of individual seating options and accessory tables available there is no limit to the number of combinations you can put together. Here are just a few of the possibilities.


    Explore more modular outdoor lounges in our online store here


    Here is how some of our customers have set up Maldives modular settings in their backyards...

    10. Expand with matching pieces in "Moonscape" and "Elk"

    2016-17 Update: Given the popularity of the Maldives collection we have added another colourway option.

    "Elk" is a lighter coloured Solaris grade 5 wicker. Like the Moonscape wicker used on the Maldives collection it has a half round profile providing it more strength and substance.

    discoverCASUAL DINING (1)


    Whether it is the new Elk or the ever popular Moonscape you'll find plenty of other furniture pieces to match. From Daybeds and sunloungers to a variety of dining options and bar settings. Complete your outdoor furniture story with a matching setting  such as these


    Posted by Outdoor Elegance on Thursday, April 16, 2015

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